عجفت الغور

type theoretic sandwhiches

Tags: drafts

  • you learn statistically
  • do you define stuff by it’s effects? what you can interact with in the sandwhich/hot dog
    • we can choose a model for which they are the same (both breaded, both filling)
  • we can train a model to recongize flowers by watching videos of bees, but the model is then trained on the visibile wavelength whereas bees are trained on the UV wavelength
  • category theory is constraints given form
    • which is why programmers love this shit
  • we’ve precisely defined the base, but we haven’t done anything that is generic
  • math is generic though
  • how can we better ask “what is a thing”
    • foundations of mathematics
  • meaning out of reference
    • meaning is defined as a use of a thing
    • latent spaces